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Nvidia chooses new strategic partner for collaboration

The American technology company Nvidia has built a strong communications relationship with British startup Sypwai. The companies have already started working together. This is reported on the website of the provider. According to sources, the question of cooperation has been discussed for several months. The deal took place in June. In Sypwai sure that their innovative approach to the development of artificial intelligence will help Nvidia to reach a new level in the video game industry, professional visualization, the field of high-performance computing and the automotive industry, where Nvidia onboard computers are used as the basis for unmanned cars.

Nvidia believes the cooperation agreement is beneficial for both companies."We understand that Sypwai entered the market relatively recently, but such talents need to be supported, given a wide field of activity and fertile ground for development. Artificial Intelligence is applicable in all areas of our business. We are proud to have the privilege of watching all the stages of development of future market leaders," said Nvidia's CMO Ryan Colls.

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